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Multi-Family Investing Simplified.

A live mentorship and supportive training program to help the average¬†Investor get into the Multi-Family side of real estate investing so you can secure your family‚Äôs financial future ‚Äď no real estate experience required.

The Fearless Multi-Family Mastery - Is For You If...

  • You‚Äôre sick and tired of just thinking or talking about getting into real estate investing and want to actually make this a reality.
  • You really want to own a Multi-Family building or buildings¬†but lack the guidance and support to get you there.
  • You fear making a mistake or getting tapped out financially because there‚Äôs a lot at stake.¬† These purchases can be a lot of money!
  • You've been dabbling in learning about real estate investing but you're worried about making some real moves.
  • You want to create more freedom and improve the financial well being for you and your family.

— What You Get Access to When You Join —

Hands-On Coaching Sessions Every Week


These are live sessions where you can get all your questions answered, every single week.  Our goal is to help you overcome ANY blocks standing in your way - whether that's simply asking what should I be focusing on right now, or can you help me review this deal to find out if it would be profitable?

16 hours of Instruction by Multi Family experts.  This includes a 2 hour session each week over 8 weeks.  

VALUE: $8000

A One-on-One Consultation (1hr)


Use this session for Deal Analysis & Consultation with the Instructor of your choice.  At some point you will want help & advice on if you are buying the right property or not, don't leave decisions like this to chance...Picture that property it the one??  It's one thing to learn this stuff, its another thing to have this team helping you make decisions.


VALUE: $1,000

A One-on-One Consultation (15Mins)


In addition to the 1 hour consultation, you will have access to the instructor of your choice EACH WEEK, to get personalized help.  Use each instructors avenue of expertise to move your Multi-Family business forward.



VALUE: $4,000

Investor Toolbox To Save You Hundreds of Hours

You don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the tools we use for real estate investing.  You will get access to every document we have used & continue to use...Your Investor Toolbox will include, but not limited to:  A Market Selection Tool, Multi-Family Due Diligence Checklist, Multi-Family Rent Roll, Multi-Family Pro-Forma & our proprietary Multi-Family Property Analyzer  

VALUE: $12,000

Advertising Privileges in Fearless 

Our mission is to make you successful, so we've protected the integrity of our community and have limited advertising of properties to our IGNiTED members & Multi-Family Mastery members only. This is worth the price of membership right here because you'll have access to an engaged, vetted, and active group of 7000+ Canadian investors, right at your fingertips.

VALUE: $9,997

A Private Community of Multi-Family Masters Walking The Same Path As You

You'll get access to the private IGNiTED! & MASTERY Facebook group. This community is in the trenches with you, hitting the same obstacles and sharing the most up-to-date information in real-time. We all started right where you sit - overwhelmed but excited, fearful but hopeful - knowing you can do this but not knowing how.  With this group, you will always have answers to ANY question you have along the way to keep you moving forward towards your goals. 


Course Schedule


Classes are live on Wednesday's from 5:30-7:30 PM PST and interactive by Zoom for which the links will be shared by email.

Week 1, Jan 31, 2024:  Apartment Building Investment in Canada 

  1. Advantages of Multifamily Apartment Investing 
  2. Determining the Business Plan for Your Building
  3. Determining the Capital Stack for your Venture

Week 2, Feb 7, 2024:  Market and Power Team Selection

  1. Key indicators for selecting a strong market to invest in
  2. How to select your Power Team

Week 3, Feb 14, 2024:  Financial Analysis and Underwriting of An Apartment Building

  1. Understanding basic financial metrics for commercial real estate 
  2. Sourcing different types of debt financing
  3. CMHC Financing - qualifications and process
  4. Strategy and decision process 
  5. Case Study: Analyzing a Recent Sunset Deal - 16 units in Sackville

Week 4, Feb 21, 2024:  Making Fair Offers

  1.  Win-win-win offers
  2. Issues to Address in Purchase Contracts

Week 5, Feb 28, 2024:  Red Flags for Due Diligence

  1. Trust, but Verify Seller Documents 
  2. Red Flags in Building Inspection, Appraisal, and Environmental Reports
  3. Craft your repositioning plan

Week 6, March 6, 2024:  Fundraising in Accordance with Securities Law 

  1. Retain a securities lawyer
  2. Understanding GP/LP Structures

Week 7, March 13, 2024:  Property and Asset Management 

  1. Action Plan Prior to Closing Date
  2. Financial Management 

 Week 8, March 20, 2024:  Deal Presentations and Live Feedback 

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get Today


Hands-On Coaching Sessions Every Week:

VALUE: $8,000+

A One-on-One Deal Analysis & Consultation:

VALUE: $1,000

A 15 Minute One-on-One EACH Week with the instructor of your choice:

VALUE: $4,000


Investor Toolbox To Save You Hundreds of Hours & Money:

VALUE: $12,000

Advertising Privileges in Fearless: 

VALUE: $9,997

A Private Community of IGNiTED! & Mastery Members Walking The Same Path As You: 




Total Estimated Value: $34,997+


Get Access Today For Only:

$15,497    $5,997!




15 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Our goal is for you to have success. If after 15 days, you don't feel we have added the value we have promised, we will refund your money, no questions asked, so you have nothing to lose!

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Start Taking Real Steps Towards Becoming A Multi-Family Real Estate Investor - With FULL Support & Guidance Every Step of the Way.


Get Started & Become a Multi-Family Master

Meet Your Instructors

Hermel Godbout

Hermel, an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience as a Critical Care Registered
Nurse, has seamlessly transitioned into the world of real estate investment. Born in New Brunswick, his
journey reflects a remarkable career shift that has positioned him as a key player in business and real

Since 2020, Hermel has focused on real estate, specializing in multifamily projects and forming lucrative
Joint Venture Partnerships. His transition from nursing to real estate demonstrates his dedication to
achieving financial success for himself and others.

Hermel's background has honed his interpersonal and communication skills, proving invaluable in his
real estate ventures. He passionately assists individuals in reaching their financial goals through ethical
business practices.

Within the Sunset Investments group of companies, Hermel plays a pivotal role in daily operations,
overseeing management, renovations, tenant relations, and enhancing asset value in the Maritimes. He also fosters investor relations and plays a key role in marketing campaigns, system implementation, and coordination.

Hermel's leadership has been instrumental in acquiring an impressive portfolio of over 260 doors valued at over $40 million, utilizing various Limited Partnership and General Partnership structures. His journey exemplifies adaptability and unwavering commitment, showcasing a professional who excels in diverse fields while helping others achieve financial success through strategic real estate investments.

Benoit Sorel

Benoit is a Paris-born risk and finance expert who lived in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, where he currently resides. Benoit started his career in banking, mining, construction, and
infrastructure industries, where he worked on mega projects worth over $1 billion before transitioning full time to Real Estate (his last corporate role was CEO of a Public-Private Partnership Transit project in Vancouver BC, the Canada Line, a 2bn$ project).

Benoit’s real estate experience includes various transactions ranging from $50k to $50m, such as
flips, BRRRs projects (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance), condo conversions, buy and holds, land assemblies, and mid-size multifamily development projects.

Through his group of companies (Siden
Properties, ltd, Suncap Investment Ltd, Sunset capital Ltd), Benoit focuses on value-add Multifamily properties acquired using syndicated financing and LPGP structures.

444 units under management since Siden Properties Ltd launched in March 2021.
‚ÄĘ Strategies: Value add on existing assets and construction of multifamily apartment rentals
‚ÄĘ Markets: BC, AB, NB
‚ÄĘ 373 units under management
‚ÄĘ 71 additional units under development (BP in progress)
‚ÄĘ 12 CMHC financing applications since MLI Select program was launched: all approved with maximum score of 100 points
‚ÄĘ Purchase Price (May 2023): $45M
‚ÄĘ Targeted value after repositioning or construction: $100M

Nicco Bautista

Nicco is a Manila-born estate and trust lawyer who is a key advisor to international family offices, charities, and business owners. In his career in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vancouver, Nicco has advised on $4.5 billion in assets under management and transactions totalling $750 million.

His most recent position at the director level at the Bank of Montreal enhances his strong finance background within the lending landscape. Nicco designs projects to be tax-efficient and have healthy risk-adjusted returns, which is a result of consistently receiving CMHC certificates of insurance at the 100 point level.

Rachel Godbout

Rachel is a seasoned professional who has seamlessly transitioned from a 15-year career in critical care nursing to a successful real estate investor and property manager in New Brunswick.

With a strong healthcare background, Rachel possesses a deep understanding of operational excellence and attention to detail, skills that have proved invaluable in her current role. Over the past three years,
she has strategically purchased over $40 million in real estate assets and now proudly owns and manages her own Property Management company in the region.

Rachel serves as a pivotal partner in the Sunset Investments group of companies, with a primary focus on the acquisition and management of a portfolio comprising 260 doors in the multi-family space. Her strategic insights and hands-on approach have significantly contributed to the company's growth and profitability.

Rachel actively manages day-to-day operations, nurturing key relationships with consultants, municipal stakeholders, government officials, and local operators. Her dedication to building strong local connections enhances the company's success in diverse ventures.

Rachel's transition from critical care nursing to a thriving real estate career reflects her adaptability, vision, and commitment to excellence.

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