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At Investor Life, we believe in planning for and investing in our futures, but we also believe that life is too short to wait to live it.  What does life look like as an investor?

Expect real life advice (the good, the bad and the simply amazing) on how to manage your investments while putting the right connections in place and making just little tweaks to conventional advice, to keep you investing for the long haul.  Too many get overwhelmed and taken over by real estate and they leave before their cashflow has really turned to life changing wealth. We saw that happening around us and were determined not to let it take us over.

We’ve bought over 100 residential properties for our own investment over the last 15 years.  The single biggest thing we have seen that makes people sell and leave their dream behind, is the toll it takes on their lives. We knew wanted to plan for the future, but not at that cost.

We travel extensively, take staycations often, spend time with family, have active hobbies and social lives and guess what?  Our portfolio has soared!

Cashflow is great, and lump sums from sales is elating, but its not enough for legacy type, life changing type stuff.  That requires endurance – you have to last long enough for mortgages to get paid down, rents to go up, stabilization to kick in….so, the question is, how do you stick around long enough for your Cashflow to turn to Wealth?

Learn from us and the other experts we work with, we can save you time, mistakes, regret and empower you to take your next steps in confidence, without sacrificing whats really important to you; love, life, family, health. To you and yours!

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3 weeks ago

Investor Life Inc.

Had a client a few years back that had wanted to sell their properties...the emotions were getting to them. We reminded them of the struggle they'd had getting into the game, how hard they'd worked and broke down how powerful mortgage paydown is and even though cashflow was down at the time, how thats only one measure of success. We suggested they do a MONTHLY print out of their cashflow and their paydown and keep it on the fridge. Everytime they got that call from a tenant, at an inconvenient time, they were to look at the print out, see the tens of thousands in mortgage paydown and cashflow that was happening every year across their handful of properties, and ask themselves if they had a job that paid them that much, just to take those one off calls and do some showings once a year, would they take it? They just updated us...apparently it worked, they now don't mind those calls ... in fact, they feel they get paid very well for those calls....sometimes a change in mindset is all we need to stick to our goals. Happy Friday !#freedom #cashflowtoweatlh #investorlife #realestateinvesting ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Investor Life Inc.

Here we go! Love our Summits! ... See MoreSee Less