COVID has created an unprecented time for BOTH
homeowners and investors.

  • unemployment has skyrocketed and is climbing
  • small business is being hit hard, as are the owners of those businesses
  • lenders have tightened up financing options
  • ​people have gone from two income homes, to one income homes....
  • ​divorce is on the rise....


  • ​Be Ready When They Are; The next few months we will start to see homeowners needing out.  Their options will be grim.  Foreclose and ruin their credit for years to come, or sell with creative terms and move onward and upward.
  • ​Fund your Long Term Plans;  Everyone knows Long Term Buy and Holds are the way to wealth, but what if you don't have the 5-10 years it takes to get there? Generate cash quickly to fund those promising long term deals. Learn the Rapid Cash Way.
  • Scale Faster:  Being able to buy with little or no money down will amp up your plans to moving into full time investing allowing you to quit that J.O.B. a whole lot faster. 
  • Be A Good Human: open up fair, win-win solutions for homeowners that find themselves in a crunch, allowing them to move onward and upward with their lives, not being stuck with ruined credit and lost plans.
  • ​Be Efficient: In just one day you will get a foundational understanding for all of the below strategies.  Pro's and cons to all of them, but in just one day, you'll know whats for you and whats not.  No need to invest anymore time, energy or money in a strategy you won't be pursuing.  
Agreements for Sale (AFS)
(What are they, how do they work, how to negotiate them!)
Vendor Take Back Mortgages (VTB's)
(Where can you find them, how you can make $$ with them)
Rent to Own (RTO)
(What are they, how do they work, how to negotiate them!)
Creative Strategies in Covid Times
(Take Advantage of the Opportunities Available)
Our Mentor, Your Trainer for the Day
Barry McGuire
Full Time Real Estate Lawyer, Educator, and Investor 
  • ​​Barry's the guy we have called over the last 17 years, whenever we need to figure out how to make a deal work. He always has the answers, and we know they are always above board. He's been a gift to us and we're so happy to bring him as a gift to you too!
  • ​He has been Investing in Real Estate since the 1970s (yes longer than many of use have been alive), and has helped many investors buy and sell creatively.
  • ​His FULL TIME Real Estate legal practice has been focused exclusively on real estate since the 1980s, and he has been a lawyer since 1975.
  • ​He speaks regularly throughout Canada, on stages all across the country, and he teaches a series of Focus Workshops for Canadian Real Estate Investors.
  • ​He hosts a popular podcast, Tales from the Trenches, which features real-life stories of investor legal land mines.
  • ​He is a co-author of the best-selling 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors, has published a newsletter for Real Estate Investors, and has written several home-study courses for real estate investors in Canada.
This will be a LIVE! ZOOM event, hosted by Corey and Tiffany Young on June 27, 2020
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When Time and Money are Short, Get Creative! 

Most people think “real estate investing” means “buy & hold”: buy properties, pay down the mortgage with cash generated by renting out the properties, and then sell years later.

Buy & hold is a critical foundation for any long-term real estate investment plan.

You may not have the luxury of waiting years before generating a return from your long-term holding strategy…

Or maybe financing deals has put the brakes on your investing
With access to traditional financing limited, investors are seeking new ways to finance deals themselves and generate cash quickly. 

What Is “Creative” Real Estate Investing?

Creative real estate investment is a vital, but often misunderstood, approach to investing that can help you increase your cash flow in a matter of weeks or months.

Creative real estate investment strategies are often short-term vs. long-term. Some investments might be done—start to finish—in a matter of weeks (vs.5-10 years for the average buy & hold).

Often involve doing deals with no money down and/or using Other People’s Money.

The key to success is understanding the strategies and how they work, so you recognize opportunities when they appear. The trick lies in uncommon—but perfectly legal—methods of buying and selling property.

Creative Real Estate Enabled us to become Full Time Investors

Barry McGuire has been one of our personal mentors since we started investing.  These strategies worked then and still work today.  In fact...

OUR CURRENT COVID MARKET IS PRIME  and may well turn out to be the best opportunity we've ever seen for creative investors.  NOW is the time to learn and master these strategies, BEFORE the real crunch hits. 

As we see lenders tighten mortgage rules, unemployment skyrocket while government assistance wanes, there will be people that need us. 

With no equity to pay a Realtor, their choices will be to either foreclose and ruin their credit, or sell to an investor and be able to move on quickly.  

Will YOU Be Ready When they Need You?!!

Join us on June 27th, 2020
Agreements for Sale, Vendor Take Backs, Assignments/Wholesaling, Options, Rent-to-Own....understand every strategy, then decide which is your baby
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